Primary research is core to the Help Me Stream Research Foundation mission. It drives our main goal of designing and testing innovative and robust streaming solutions for NGOs in remote or rural areas.

To help fund and further our mission, though, we also provide program services in three distinct areas: Industry surveys and analysis, lab and real-world test-bench validations, and outside expert advice.

We've been blessed to have several organizations request our research services to better understand the overall streaming landscape.

The following examples are just a few of the primary research projects we've done over the past year.

2020/2021 State of Streaming surveys and reports

In 2020, Help Me Stream conducted two segments of a mult-year survey for our client, The first survey report, sponsored by Amazon Web Services (AWS), covered a variety of topics just prior to the beginning of 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns. We also carried out a second survey in late 2020, half a year after the COVID-19 pandemic began, and have done two additional surveys in Spring and Autumn 2021 on the same topic.

Validate key Wowza claim for Real-Time Streaming at Scale service

In late 2021, Wowza Media approached our executive director to review its Real-Time Streaming at Scale service, using the Help Me Stream test bench located in Tennessee.

The review, detailed in a blog post, offers insight into the true nature of latency when using RTMP or webRTC for hundreds or thousands of live viewers

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