We hate asking for funding. While it's been a struggle we've been able to self-sustain the Help Me Stream Research Foundation mission during the last 15 months of the COVID-19 pandemic while we waited for confirmation of our 501(c)3 status, mainly through mission-focused contract work (more below).

But as the world opens back up, we sense that project requests from NGOs will rapidly outstrip what we can do internally to fund the HMSRF mission. So we'd like to ask your for your help in accelerating the mission into the next phase, whether it's for emerging economies abroad, impacted areas recovering from disasters, or rural communities struggling to keep up with the demands of education in areas where there is little to no internet services.

If you can't help by donating specific pieces of test or test-preparation equipment (see Equipment page detailing those needs) then please consider a tax-deductible (US only) financial donation to help with funding the overall HMSRF mission.

We've set up our PayPal donation button to let you choose which of those three areas of focus you'd like to direct your resources towards.

Need a donation letter? If you're based in the United States, and have not already filed your 2020 IRS 1040 tax forms, we can provide a donation letter for up to $300 (which can directly reduce your gross income on line 10b of the 2020 form 1040) as long as we receive the donation by May 12, 2021. Please designate in a note with the donation that you'd like the donation to apply towards the 2020 tax year. Otherwise let us know that you'd like the donation to apply towards the 2021 tax year and we can provide a letter for up to $600 ($300 per person on a joint 1040 filing, up to a maximum of $600).