Whether it's consumer gear we'll repurpose for streaming, test-preparation heavy equipment, traditional financial donations or (most importantly) a donation of your time to assist in engineering solutions or training NGOs, Help Me Stream Research Foundation greatly appreciates your partnering with us to help accelerate the HMSRF mission.

Donatins are set up to let you fund one of the three areas we work in as the best area to focus your donation: emerging economies abroad, impacted areas recovering from disasters, or rural communities struggling to keep up with the demands of education in areas where there is little to no internet services. Any of them can be noted when you provide a financial donation, and we will do our best to see that noted funds go first to fund the area of choice you've mentioned.

Want to confirm our legitimacy? See our entry on the IRS charitiable organization list or our Guidestar 2021 Platinum Transparency ranking.

Need a donation letter? If you're based in the United States, and have not already filed your 2020 IRS 1040 tax forms, we can provide a donation letter for up to $300 (which can directly reduce your gross income on line 10b of the 2020 form 1040) as long as we receive the donation by May 12, 2021. Please designate in a note with the donation that you'd like the donation to apply towards the 2020 tax year. Otherwise let us know that you'd like the donation to apply towards the 2021 tax year and we can provide a letter for up to $600 ($300 per person on a joint 1040 filing, up to a maximum of $600).

What we've done so far. To read a bit more on this topic, please see Why Would I Donate? page.