This is heavy. Unlike our Gear donation page, where you can donate computers (laptops, desktops, servers) and mobile device (smartphones, tablets), the Equipment page focuses on donations of specific test-preparation, test-bed, and heavy equipment.

This equipment will form the basis of collecting and validating test results, as well as preparing one of several planned rural test sites (read little or no internet service, which is what's needed to best test interoperability without interference).

Below is an up-to-date list of equipment we've identified as critical to the Help Me Stream mission. If a piece of equipment has already been acquired, it's noted with a blue checkmark.

Trencher (42" min depth)

Needed to properly lay test lines at our rented location including fiber and coax (plus direct current (DC) lines between solar panels, battery banks, and test points). On Site

Side by Side (EV preferable)

This will help us do three things: a) move between test sites as eco-friendly as possible; b) power the side by side via our solar panel / battery banks; and c) test DC-powered streaming from a mobile platform.

Solar panels (battery banks)

Our initial streaming gear test bed runs primarily on renewable energy (typically 19 volt with some 5-48v variants). To expand testing, we're in need of solar panels (ideally 24v or 48v but we'll modify 12v or 36v panels), as well as battery banks or MPTT voltage regulators.

Want to donate Equipment? Feel free to reach out to us directly via the form below (or at +1.202.670.2025 or ) with pictures and description of the gear you'd like to discuss donating. Thank you!