What is Help Me Stream?

Help Me Stream Research Foundation was created by streaming industry veterans to research, design and test robust and innovative streaming solutions for use in less-than-ideal environments. As a 501(c)3 we gear this research towards the missions of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across the globe, especially those working in rural or remote areas with limited or no connectivity.

Our mission. Help tech-challenged NGOs and other charitable organizations disseminate their critical messaging in emerging economies, disaster areas, and rural communities through best-practice streaming solutions.

What problem do we solve? NGOs and charitable organizations often have difficulty serving broad swathes of their intended communities, due to geographic remoteness or infrastructure challenges. For instance, the lack of consistent broadband and, in some instances, electricity, exacerbates the critical-messaging efforts of NGOs serving remote or highly rural locations. Our goal is to craft streaming solutions for these less-than-ideal environments using "green streaming" techniques (e.g., renewable energy, lower overall power consumption, or recycled consumer gear) to equip and educate NGOs based on our test findings and other best practices.

How do fund our mission? We strive to optimize your donations— both financial and older computer or mobile gear, as well as a few select pieces of test-bed equipment—by performing rigorous component and interoperability testing on donated gear, both in the lab and also at our planned test-bed facility.

We also fund part of our mission through program services in the streaming media industry, including indepent research, test-bed validation of industry claims and consulting / expert witness services.

In rare cases, if donated gear can't be optimized, we'll repackage it for other uses, selling the donated gear to further fund the Help Me Stream mission.

How can I help? Read more about why we started Help Me Stream, and ways you can get involved. Please consider nominating projects that would benefit from our research approach, feel free to donate tax-deductible funds, or contact us to donate old gear!